Potential types of risks associated with each coverage.

Site Pollution Liability – Manufacturing, agricultural, waste facilities, real estate transactions, warehousing, retail property, commercial property, municipalities, etc.

Contractors Pollution Liability – Residential, commercial, industrial and environmental contractors, etc.

Environmental Professional Liability – Environmental consulting, testing/laboratories, waste brokers, IAQ Consultants, etc.

Mold Liability – Fire/Water Restoration contractors. This can also be added to site pollution, contractors pollution and the environmental professional liability policies

Auto Liability / Physical Damage – Hazardous material, waste and fleets associated with environmental firms

Umbrella/Excess Liability – Available for accounts where we are providing primary coverage.

Workers Compensation – Available for environmental and other accounts where we are providing primary coverage.

General Liability – Available for a variety of risks including environmental, manufacturing, transporters, etc.

Closure/Post Closure Liability – Waste facilities etc.

Cost Cap Remediation Liability – Brownfields, property transfers, etc.

Transportation Pollution Liability – Any type of transporter

Products Pollution Liability – Environmental Insurance associated with most types of manufacturing, fabricating and distributing of products

Above/Underground Storage Tank Pollution Liability – Financial responsibility for any pollutant storage tanks including convenience stores, bulk storage, marinas, etc.

As a result of our extensive environmental background we are able to pre-underwrite all of our submissions and present the accounts in a clear and concise way making it much easier for an underwriter to offer their best terms. This approach provides an extra level of expertise for the client and the agent. The combination of these elements gives the agent the ability to communicate coverage highlights that can help secure an account. Our goal is to make this a mutually beneficial relationship.
Functioning as an open brokerage allows EUS to work with licensed insurance agents is all 50 states and U.S. Territories. We welcome the opportunity to discuss and advise on all environmental coverage scenarios. Whether the risk is of a large nature, small nature, or anything in between, please feel free to contact us.